Alton Baby Centre

Supporting babies and their families for birth and beyond through antenatal and postnatal programs in a friendly, non judgmental environment.


Alton Baby Centre was first conceived in 2013 by Helen Jones and Kate Rosati to support growing families.  Our philosophy is to offer heart based support throughout the antenatal and postnatal period.


Helen Jones is the mother of two children and comes from a teaching background. Having experienced both a hospital birth and a homebirth, she now works as a craniosacral therapist and hypnobirthing instructor in Alton.


Kate Rosati is the mother of two teenagers. She is a qualified midwife, IBCLC lactation consultant, craniosacral therapist and hypnobirthing instructor.  She has a busy practice in the local area.



What we offer:

Antenatal Classes


Craniosacral Therapy

Antenatal Refresher Courses

Breastfeeding Support

Postnatal Support


Antenatal Classes

Five two hour sessions and a postnatal reunion - £180


Sessions include – Antenatal Planning, Labour, Baby and Mother Care, Feeding, Positive Preparation for Birth, Reunion.


We focus on bonding with your baby and include techniques which can enable you to get the birth that is right for you. These classes are aimed at small groups and allow plenty of time for questions and answers.


For more details or to book any of the above, please email, telephone or check out our Facebook page.