Craniosacral Therapy for Babies


In my experience many babies benefit from having craniosacral therapy in the weeks and months following birth.  Birth itself, even when thought to have been straightforward, can cause many stresses for a baby; from physiological issues such as squashing through the tight birth canal, to psychological stresses such as the shock of moving from one world into the next.


By the time a baby has been born, he has already had many experiences, some of which may have caused restrictions within his body. Being stuck in an awkward position in the womb, the shock of having the umbilical cord cut too quickly or the pressure exerted on the bones of the skull during birth can all leave a baby feeling uncomfortable and irritable.


Craniosacral treatments can help the baby to integrate pre and perinatal experiences and can offer support for areas such as birth trauma, bonding, feeding difficulties, colic, reflux, irritability and sleeping problems.  Treatments are led by the baby and plenty of time and space is given for feeding and cuddling.


Because it is so gentle, craniosacral therapy is ideal for babies and children.  They often respond well and tend to require fewer treatments than adults.


Treating babies is a specialist area in craniosacral therapy and I have therefore completed an 18 month postgraduate course in Paediatric Craniosacral Therapy. I also work with baby body language and birth process.




Pregnancy is a time of huge mental and physical change.  Craniosacral therapy can be useful to support your body as it changes and to give you time for yourself to relax and bond with your growing baby.


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